Stills for Two Hours

Marking 120 Wednesday Stills

James Ellis@jamesellisnyc

Chris Black@donetodeath

Tommy Tran@tmytrn


A couple years back, Public Announcement emailed readers with images. Here is the post from Wednesday April 1, 2020. We have emailed Stills nearly every Wednesday since. So many wonderful people have contributed.

You can browse almost all the posts on our IG. We say almost because IG is missing a number of items. For example, some posts included nipples. When the bots caught them, we would re-post with something like this and only run the video on the homepage.

We also discovered a string of IG videos that are now inexplicably broken. An unlucky 13 videos from July 7, 2021—Sept 29, 2021 stopped playing at some point. (Here’s an example. You only see the thumbnail, no video. We suspect we were put in some kind of naughty box?)

Also missing from IG is that first week with Ben Edgar. We hadn’t yet figured out the video format. We weren’t sure we wanted to commit to making little videos. Videos are hard! But we really liked our concept: A square video exactly one-minute in length, designed to cycle through a contributor’s ~25 images, always cut to the same tune, our recording of the guitar line from Tommy Keene’s When Our Vows Break. So we designed a template as quick as we could, and stills with @JulianaSalazar posted with a video the next week.

We made a number of adjustments to our templates in the first couple months. We stopped cropping contributor images. We changed how the first frame was composed. We moved the timecode position. Stuff like that.

More important, we formalized the workflow. Multiple people and machines are wired to sync the latest images, ready to crank out the necessary assets for email and video. This work made it possible to keep going and going.


After repeating our creative ritual 100+ weeks, it occurred to us that 120 would be a milestone of note. Each video is one minute. 120 minutes is 2 hours. That’s feature length!

To mark the occasion, we cut a special compilation that celebrates the results of this collective effort we’ve been engaged in: asking people to compile ~25 images and put them in an order.

We hope you enjoy:


Use this link for a high res 4k version of the above video.


Thank you to contributors

@eelainekwok, @joelgumbe, @benjaminedgar,, @pali.sadoes, @whimgolf, @mishahookk, @lildogbigdreams, @mishahookk, Jade Wong, @comic.sans, @astomps, @reboundernyc,@billguy_nyc,@rachelhortman, @brentonsalo, @seattledepartmentofdesign, @eieieian, @jackie.pls, @erickrtinic, @ravenmodesign, @emilychang_, @edithwyoung, @mitchelldowden, @zoots, @truettdietz, @drwstvns, @davidceraso, @weedsportofficial, @yougottagetoutmycribg, @jamesellisnyc, @tubbytyinthetub, @brickmadeit, @miakerin, @suuuperposition, @bournyesterday, @andafterthatnet, @bnanas, @themjeans, @williams.pdf, @holly_connolly, @annagranola, @jackie__mckeown, @nikostratis, @treykerby, @spevack_, @troisblancs, @sporarts, @habituallychic, @chilligansisland,, @clairesmight, @mitchellnugent, @zachneminsky, @barclayroussel, @dougalmarwick, wellwornwornwell, @keithhenry, @willgisel, @foine_yung_lady,, @big.bean, @intramuralshop,, @austinwithersaustinwithers, @andy___williamson, @joachimbaan, @smokingdrinking,, @mikaelkennedy, @loladementmyers, @coco______winston_, @noelbronson, @charles_mcfarlane, @geoffsnack, @terminal_avenue, @joegarvey_, @liana_ava, @wesdelval, @thankyouatoosa, @davidgurzhiev, @john_colver, @maximilian_philip, @evvmthomas, @durgapolashi, @_erichu, @dylnwrmck, @frasercroll, @leighpatterson, @dancliman, @samyoukilis, @timxcoleman_, @hamishkmartin, @colin__meredith, @kimcoolmon, @daniellegoldberg, @corridor, @susan_alexandra, @hayleylouisabrown, @fran__miller, @amardeep, @mnnfrr, @zeexbow, @niccolodebole, @tyrrellwinston, @liamgaws, @karolynpho, @horse_____horse, @julianklincewicz, @jamsayne, @benrayner, @negnance, @hassanrahim, @cobeyarner, @deansnuts, @elmselms, @ericchakeen, @clemencepoles, @yimmyayo, @julianasalazar, and @benjaminedgar


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