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James Ellis@jamesellisnyc

Chris Black@donetodeath

We have designed, developed, edited and operated many websites. Some of the Big Media sites have lasted but most web projects end when the money ends, typically the moment a project is delivered. To continue refining a website for years and years is more rare. If you have the itch, and the ability to move slowly and steadily, consider starting one.


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Working on a fix

We are investigating why our homepage’s connection to the Twitter API started failing.

My $80 Macbook

Hot rodded with a 240GB SSD and 4GB of RAM, it’s a screamer.

Day One Sessions

A concept for up & coming guitarists with a passion for teaching.

Your business card is CRAP!

Your card should be so good that, even if they don’t like you, they won’t throw it out, because it demonstrates incredible marketing capability.

Songs with Go! parts

Sometimes it’s right before the solo. Or just after. Sometimes it signals mosh and really sets things off. Some tunes go! right out the gate.