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James Ellis@jamesellisnyc

Chris Black@donetodeath

We launched our destination homepage in 2017. Since then the fundamentals of the site have remained the same. But we have made a lot of changes—2,102 commits!—and a lot has happened. Here are some recent numbers:


● 42k logo hovers

● 473k link overlay expansions

● 5,474 links published


These numbers have been fun. They’re fun to screenshot around. Fun to randomly cite. They’re silly. They only matter or make sense to us.

But even silly numbers have value. Even when people don’t quite know what they mean. Because numbers and stats excite the imagination. They make people wonder. With incomplete information, we fill in the gaps. People imagine good things.

Ultimately the numbers mean something to us because we chose to measure this stuff. We really want to know how many times our dear desktop readers hover their mouse over our logo. It’s how we keep our finger on the pulse.


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