Have you noticed the dearth of compelling metaverse demos?

Few people have goggle rigs, and it’s hard to communicate the VR experience, but still… where are the demos that make people feel something

James Ellis@jamesellisnyc

Chris Black@donetodeath

The Public Announcement team is always clicking and surfing. We see a lot of cool stuff. But no exciting metaverse demos.

Weird, right? All this gear was invented long ago. We should have seen something compelling by now. I understand VR is hard to demonstrate. You gotta suit up, put on the rig. Still, nothing is too complicated for a video demo. Hollywood makes it work all the time.

Let’s look back for demo inspo. Consider two examples: 1963 Sketchpad and 1982 Xerox Star. No one had computers. No one thought about them. Then a rad demo makes you realize what’s possible. You start wanting a machine.

We don’t want goggles for a yet another video game world. There must be a more compelling hook. And please no further attempts at Aerosmith’s fourth single from 1993’s Get a Grip. Let’s see something new.

New tools. Capabilities. Novel UI conventions. New ways of communicating. We’re interested in stuff like that. If you encounter anything inspiring in this space… do please link us.


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