Public Announcement is a premium
general-interest podcast.

Episode #24

Message of the Bhagavat

This one is a real odyssey. Solid hour. Relentless, tip to tail. James and Chris introduce Audrea Soong, who takes them on an executive team-building adventure, from Niketown to their…

Episode #22

Help Wanted

Editing a podcast like Public Announcement is a big responsibility and opportunity. Chris and James—and really, the entire global listenership—are asking for your help.

Episode #17

For Immediate Release

“As of today Public Announcement is more than just a podcast. With the 
launch of our destination homepage we wanted to create a platform for our esteemed colleagues to share…

Episode #14

Performing Arts with Vanessa Carlton

A cold-open featuring Chris Black behind the kit—on his throne—leads to our hosts discussing Oasis as “the Lynyrd Skynyrd of Britain”, a proposal for upping Nashville’s edge, and thoughts…

Episode #11

Political Chatter

New York, NY — Chris and James go beyond their signature brand of general-interest podcasting to weigh in on American public affairs—with the help of media insider Slade Sohmer,…

Episode #7

Log On

Men’s fashion has seen a steep rise in popularity in recent years. This week Chris and James talk to Grailed brand director Lawrence Schlossman about the speed of trends and…

Episode #6

Some Views on “Views”

Chris has spent quite a lot of time with Drake’s music; sadly, James has not. This week they go track by track, talking production, themes, sequencing, promotion and the associated lingo…

Episode #3

Fit for the Job

No matter what you are told when you are younger, careers are not always planned. Ellis Jones had worked at VICE for a long time before she became the editor-in-chief.…

Episode #2

Band in a Bubble

In 2007 the band Cartel thought they were getting the break of their career when they signed a deal with MTV for a promising new reality show, “Band in…