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Public Announcement is a brand consultancy and media brand based in New York City.


Our homepage is an edit of the web.1

The impulse to share and participate in internet culture is a big part of who we are. Our site is engineered to provide contributors with the ability to share and publish links to our homepage directly from Twitter and the social web. Ask us about the Fast Culture™ engine to learn more.

We have a podcast.2

We’re believers in podcasting because we love audio. While we live in the fast culture world of the web, we see opportunity in audio as a distinctly slow culture medium. Broadcasting voices and ideas into ears remains incredibly powerful and personal. And when done well, a pleasure for all involved. Talk to us about podcasting.


We help brands build, transform and communicate.

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Our work combines Product, Design and Content expertise to tackle the challenges of brand-building.

By bringing product thinking to the agency model, we connect creative efforts to the workaday reality of building and shipping digital brands and products.3

In our experience, the best product thinking unites diverse teams within an organization. Through a process of research, discovery, writing and design, a shared vision and strategy is formed. Goals and measures of success become clearly defined. The roadmap comes into focus. Teams feel invested.

We see content—the stories we tell, and how we tell them—as a critical part of every brand and product challenge. We develop strategies and editorial for our clients, and work to activate and distribute content in the world.4

People, culture and relationships are at the core of our approach to content, from its creation to how it gets shared, both IRL and across the social web. We’ve built an extensive network of collaborators to bring content ideas to life, from images and words to video and podcasting.


Visual identity

Art direction
Visual design

Technical consulting
Revenue audit

Podcast development
Video & photography
Social Consulting




Chris Black


Chris Black is a writer, producer, and editor living in New York City. His book, I Know You Think You Know It All: Advice and Observations For You to Stand Apart in Public and Online was released in 2015. His agency, Done to Death Projects, has worked with New Balance, VICE, Droga5 and Stussy, among other clients. His Twitter feed offers “high level cultural commentary” and is required reading for discriminating members of the publishing, photography, music, filmmaking, fashion, and consulting worlds.  His connection to popular culture – whether creating it, critiquing it, or celebrating it – is constantly expanding and new collaborations, farther destinations, and greater inspirations always await.

James Ellis


A designer and technologist, James began working in design and media upon locating to New York. In 2004 he co-founded Athletics, a creative agency dedicated to solving the problems of contemporary brand-building. At Athletics he led a number of the studio’s digital projects with Forbes, Condé Nast, The New York Times, Thought Catalog and Gimlet Media, and was a co-curator of the firm’s 2013 Cooper Union exhibition, Image of the Studio. With Public Announcement, James applies his generalist skill-set to new problems in digital media. Nights and weekends you can find him behind the kit with shimmering guitar-pop quartet, Hints.


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