when u like orange

Years from now, Don will tell us the meme fodder was intentional.

Getting my looks together for Memorial Day Weekend

Anyone that reads beyond the headline of an onion article is a maniac

T-Pain looks like Mickey Mouse here!

Ergonomics update: I got a sit-stand desk. And a floaty arm for my monitor. Computing harder than ever.

how often during your time online does an image make u gag

Getting impatient wondering when the NBA Playoffs are actually going to start

Recent episodes

Episode 17

For Immediate Release

Press Release [PDF]
10 May 2017

Public Announcement Destination Homepage

“As of today Public Announcement is more than just a podcast. With the 
launch of our destination homepage…

Episode 14

Performing Arts with Vanessa Carlton

A cold-open featuring Chris Black behind the kit—on his throne—leads to our hosts discussing Oasis as “the Lynyrd Skynyrd of Britain”, a proposal for upping Nashville’s edge, and thoughts…