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Chris Black

Even Sleepy Joe had to check out the Buck Meek episode

Chris Black

It seems that Frasier predicted podcasting in 1993

Chris Black

This outfit is an absolute home run classic, the best Stan Smiths have ever looked

Chris Black

Dream Zoom view

Chris Black

With all of the major advancements in percussive recovery, it's easy to forget the humble foam roller. I implore you to keep the roller in your rotation

Chris Black

When I see another bozo mad about a guitar being smashed on television

Chris Black

Going on IG LIVE at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET to chat with Tim Haught of Pentimento about his new mix, college radio, and other cool stuff

Chris Black

Head to Dimes Square and pick up the brand new issue of @thedrunkencanal and check out the full page How Long Gone ad

Chris Black

When you get into the Uber before 6 AM and they are playing your song

Chris Black

Valentine's Day PR emails are UNHINGED

Chris Black


Chris Black

This @anchor shit is not a game! How Long Gone on the home page photographed by @justinchung in Glendale

Chris Black

Raf Simons or Hot Topic?

Chris Black

Cleansing the timeline with a blessed image of the god

Wednesday Stills with
Adam Wray

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Episode #24

Message of the Bhagavat

This one is a real odyssey. Solid hour. Relentless, tip to tail. James and Chris introduce Audrea Soong, who takes them on an executive team-building adventure, from Niketown to their…

Episode #22

Help Wanted

Editing a podcast like Public Announcement is a big responsibility and opportunity. Chris and James—and really, the entire global listenership—are asking for your help.

Public Announcement is a brand consultancy and media company based in New York City. About

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