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James Ellis

in a pandemic, stuck at home, it occurs to me that a weird guitar could be game changer

Chris Black

When “wear a damn mask” goes wrong

Chris Black

For my heads

Chris Black

Make sure you sign up for the @goop newsletter!

Chris Black


James Ellis

playing guitar at home missing playing in a rock band

Chris Black

Sponsored ads still hitting hard

Chris Black

Love @Stussy Summer ‘20 drawn into the sand by Jim Denevan

Chris Black

Damn, @themjeans just sent over this reminder of how different 2013 was 🥴

Chris Black

Gotta love Atlanta where a trainer can wear Chacos in the gym and it’s not weird at all.

Chris Black

The Mayor of Minneapolis really looks like he was in a mid-level Christian emo band

Chris Black

A new personal record!

James Ellis

an incredible mural in our nation’s capital visible from space

Chris Black

Cleaning off my desktop, needed to share this before trashing it

Wednesday Stills with
Julian Klincewicz

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Episode #24

Message of the Bhagavat

This one is a real odyssey. Solid hour. Relentless, tip to tail. James and Chris introduce Audrea Soong, who takes them on an executive team-building adventure, from Niketown to their…

Episode #22

Help Wanted

Editing a podcast like Public Announcement is a big responsibility and opportunity. Chris and James—and really, the entire global listenership—are asking for your help.

Public Announcement is a brand consultancy and media company based in New York City. About

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