Episode 22

Help Wanted

Editing a podcast like Public Announcement is a big responsibility and opportunity. Chris and James—and really, the entire global listenership—are asking for your help.


Given the title “David Bowie: The last five years” I would’ve preferred greater focus on the man’s last years but the new HBO doc remains a must for fans

My detective @yimmyayo just sent me this T-Pain merch and it is pretty incredible

When your brand is "Print Magazine" I feel you should keep the book alive.

When the brand, is in fact, too strong

Moscow mule=the tequiza of 2017

Well, here is the greatest email I have ever received. Shout out to the plug. Fellow @goop heads see you behind the velvet rope!

I will now be taking a knee every time I listen to Agnostic Front live at CBGBs.

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