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Me decompressing after a long day of motorcycle riding before going to see @themjeans DJ at Teddy's (!!!)

When you walk into the Noah store expecting to hear new rap music blasting but they are playing (Sandy) Alex G

Public Announcement (@onpapod) Reveals Historic Logo

Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are dating. That means HE IS NOT dating Sienna Miller. The dream is still alive.

Happy to announce my new book

Me heading into Soho hoping to make some cool new friends who share my interests

My early flight look

Damn, Geoffrey the Giraffe couldn't even get the Off-White x Rimowa for his "very long vacation"

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Episode #24

Message of the Bhagavat

This one is a real odyssey. Solid hour. Relentless, tip to tail. James and Chris introduce their new business partner, Audrea Soong, who takes them on an executive team-building adventure,…

Episode #22

Help Wanted

Editing a podcast like Public Announcement is a big responsibility and opportunity. Chris and James—and really, the entire global listenership—are asking for your help.

Public Announcement is a brand consultancy and media brand based in New York City. About

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